Down 100 lbs!

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Hi there! I am doing quite well, I’m down 55 lbs since the surgery back in February! I started in November of last year with the shakes, so from November to now I’m down 100 lbs in total. I’ve got about 40 more pounds to lose to hit my weight loss goal. I feel great! I have been more active this summer than I have been in years, my energy is through the roof and for the first time in my life I am not obsessing about my weight. The acid reflux has been an issue that I am slowly learning how to deal with. My Doctor has me on a good pill to help block the acids and I am adding food to my list of what not to eat. I am leaning very quickly what to avoid, and replacing those things with healthy options. I’m preparing to have more blood work done next week. My first blood test after the surgery was very good and I suspect things are still the same today.

I have no regrets about having the surgery done. Thanks so much!