Down 70 lbs with the MGB

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

I had my MGB surgery almost 3 months ago.  I started this journey weighing in at 270 lbs. Now, I’m at 200 lbs, and still making progress.

I have followed the pre-op and post-op instructions/guidance religiously, and I continue to follow the guidance provided by SmartShape in the “food guide” and “MGB Patient Guide”.  I just completed the first of the two mandatory webinars with the Registered Dietitian at SmartShape this morning and it was good for reinforcing many of the principles in the written material already provided.

My biggest learning I think has been properly combining foods at each meal:  “protein + fibre = satiety”.   I am also remaining diligent about portion size, timing, and quality vs. quantity, but for me it is the proper combination of food groups at each meal is what has been my biggest learning.  I really spent a lot of time reading the food guide and other materials you provided, and doing my best to follow this direction, and it has really made a big difference I believe to my success so far.

I’ve already dropped 6 inches from my waist, I’m down two sizes in blazers, and my shirts are also down two sizes.  I am feeling better than I have in years, with more energy and a positive outlook.

I know it’s early days yet with this surgery, recovery and the progression still to come.  But I really feel like this has given me a new lease on life.  I so much appreciate what this procedure, along with the information and support, has done for me.

Thank you!