Down 90 lbs and off insulin!

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

I am currently down 90 lbs and very pleased with those results. I am exercising daily and the weight loss achieved has enabled that activity greatly compared to pre-op conditions. By June 2015, my Endocrinologist took me off insulin and cut my dosage of Metformin down to 1/5 that of my pre-op dosage, and now (June 2016) has reduced/eliminated these again.

 Other than feeling full faster now, I have no complications whatsoever. I also have no difficulty with any foods. I did in the first 3 months but that is gone completely now. I am completely cognizant now that Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is only a minor tool in achieving weight loss goals long term.

 My ‘Top Two Triumphs” (as I call them!) are:

  • I no longer avoid long walks to a desired activity I wish to attend,
  • I no longer fear summertime. The resultant constant sweating I would endure during hot weather was extremely embarrassing. I was a prisoner locked away in air conditioned rooms for way too many summers than I care to admit.