Expert Surgical Skills!

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Dear Doctor and the surgical pre- and post-Op nursing team:

I have no doubt that I may have been the more complicated of your post-op patients. I could see the amount of work you were all doing to support my health. I strongly believe that all previous or future patients would agree that your team is dedicated, professional, skilled and most compassionate. I had the most wonderful nurses with me day and night at the Don Mills Surgical Centre. Their care and patience was beyond expected and is the only reason I could have gotten through it! Being away from my children and husband was difficult, but the nursing staff helped to alleviate so many of my fears, and we even shared some laughs! Thank you ladies!

The Doctor has been more than available to me and completely active in my pre- and post-op care needs. I appreciate all the work he has done for me, as well as his expert surgical skills, to let me come through surgery safely. I couldn’t say enough thank you’s to all of you to measure up to how grateful I am for your care and support. I look forward to showing you that I have been successful in my continued weight loss. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.