I am so thankful I made the choice I did

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

SmartShape has changed my life for the better. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. Being diagnosed with binge-eating disorder made me fall a victim to my eating habits and feeling like I would never experience the “full” sensation. I tried multiple gym memberships and diets throughout the year and nothing ever worked due to this condition. I became depressed and felt as if I wasn’t able to live my genuine life constantly worried about how I looked, my weight and the concern of always feeling hungry. When I first learned about gastric bypass surgery I did the ultimate research and consulted with my family physician to ensure that this surgery would be a good fit for my situation. After my free consultation with the surgeon I truly felt that I was understood and recognized as an individual. The surgeon and his team ensured all my questions were answered and recommended the best procedure for my specific situation and body type; this happened to be a mini gastric bypass. This surgery is not to be taken lightly as there is a lot of preparation before surgery and a lot of steps needed to be taken during recovery and life-long however, the SmartShape team ensured me that I was not alone and was capable of being successful. I am currently 1 month post-surgery and I have already lost 25lbs, but more importantly I feel like I have my sense of life back. I no longer experience my binge-eating sensations nor do I always feel hungry. For the first time in my life I am actually experiencing fullness and although this journey does have its ups and downs, I am so thankful that I made the choice I did for my now present and future self. The surgeon and the SmartShape team are fantastic, compassionate, and one-of-a-kind! I am beyond thankful and appreciative for all their dedication and support throughout this journey and to think, I have them apart of my journey for 5 years! You won’t get that kind of patient support and dedication anywhere else. Positivity throughout the whole team only brings you positivity and encouragement of your own abilities. – Kylie