I am thrilled with my weight loss journey

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

I am thrilled with my weight loss journey so far through SmartShape, along with my scheduled appointments I feel free to reach out to the team at any time. My primary care provider is also thrilled at the health benefits that have been a result of my weight loss surgery: A1C now in the normal range, cholesterol now in the normal range, and resting heart rate and blood pressure both reduced. For me, this journey has been about my health more than my looks and I feel 1000% better than I did 6 months ago. With almost 200 pounds to lose at the beginning of my journey, I had doubts as to how successful I would be. But 6 months post op and 120 pounds down from my pre-op weight, those doubts are gone. I am still working on my eating habits and my relationship with food, but the habits of a lifetime do not disappear in 6 months. I can however say that SmartShape has given me the tools to be successful in my weight loss and I now do believe I can do it. —Sandi