I am very pleased with SmartShape!

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

My patient coordinator Kami was excellent. She made me feel very comfortable and not alone as I waited for my surgery. The nurses also were excellent and did whatever they could to make me comfortable after the surgery. The amount of information provided and follow up is excellent. The only thing I felt was missing was I would have liked to talk to the surgeon after to find out if there were any problems during surgery, did I have a hernia to fix, etc., even if it was a few days later. I was told that the surgery took 1 1/2 hours which kind of worries me. I was going to get my wound check done by my family doctor here in Edmonton, but I am going to go to Calgary instead to see the surgeon so I can ask him these questions.
I am very pleased with SmartShape, and especially all the information that has been provided to me through emails, videos, webinars etc. I will wholeheartedly recommend SmartShape to anyone who is looking at this type of surgery. Thanks so much.