It’s been a year – lost 70 pounds!

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Yes, it’s been a year. I can say that I’m not the same person I was a  year ago. I’ve lost 70 pounds and that has been the total since October. So I’ve been at the same weight for a few months, but I’m not discouraged. I haven’t lost much since then but on the plus side, I haven’t gained it back. I just had my first adjustment last week and I’ve found that my level of satiety has increased between meals.

Overall, I’m so much happier. I will lose more weight, that I’m sure of, but the confidence I have, even at 242 lbs, is amazing. I’m no male model, but try telling my brain that. The biggest weight I lost is the heavy burden of feeling judged every time I walked into a room of strangers or co-workers. Now, I no longer care and it’s great! But I also lost my worst critic: myself.

I will be moving this summer to the Fredericton area. I’ve been promoted, but I’ll keep in touch. Thank you all. I  still think about how amazing my experience was on my surgery day. You put me at ease when I was freaking out a little inside. And the care I received pre- and post-op was superb.

Take care,