So much more energy!

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Just checkin in and saying hi. Had to get rid of just over 50 (all) my t-shirts and dress shirts and had to get all new pants. Haven’t gone over 100 carbs a day and even eating 4 to 5 times a day with as clean food as I can find, I’m usually around 1200 calories. (And yes, I’m still doing vitamins and such ????) My blood sugar is SOLID at 5 no matter when I check it through the day (so no Metformin at all) and my surgery for torn cartilage in my knee was cancelled as it is no longer causing any issues. Sleep is awesome (on my stomach if I want cuz I couldn’t since I was 20 something) and I don’t wake up thru the night AT ALL ???? So much more energy for everything….. I can’t wait for Oct 30th….. 7 days in MEXICO and diving again in Cozumel. I haven’t told my dive group yet…. wanna see the look on their faces. I was 310 lbs the last time we dove together in Feb 2018. Anyway….. all is going super great ……

Thought I would check in and please forward this to the surgeon….. he always said to keep in touch!

Thanks, have a great long weekend.