Renewed Center of Excellence Accreditation!

Still the first and only private Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery in Canada!

At SmartShape Weight Loss Center we remain committed to our mission of providing excellent care and putting patients first.

After an intensive accreditation process by the Surgical Review Corporation, SmartShape has been awarded an unreserved accreditation for 3 more years as a Center of Excellence in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery. This accreditation assesses the program and the staff -the surgeons, nurses, and front-line team members – and how they provide safety and excellence in every aspect of care.

“This accreditation is a significant independent endorsement of the bariatric programs we offer and most importantly the hard work and dedication of the entire team,” says Dr. Chris Cobourn, CEO and Medical Director of SmartShape. “I am extremely proud of this accomplishment and what it means for us going forward.”

Since 2005, SmartShape has been focused on helping Canadians and international patients achieve a better quality of life through weight-loss procedures including: Gastric Sleeve, Mini Gastric Bypass, Lap-Band® and Revision Bariatric Surgery. We’ve successfully helped thousands of patients and remain the first and only Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery in Canada — a coveted designation awarded by the internationally recognized Surgical Review Corporation.

With 5 locations in Mississauga, Toronto, Regina, Calgary, and Vancouver, SmartShape’s network of Centers continues to be the premium destination for metabolic and bariatric surgery in Canada.

Call SmartShape today to learn more about how weight loss surgery might be right for you. You can reach us at (888) 278-7952, or on our website here.

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