"Very happy with my choice."

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I was overweight as a child and never really grew out of it. I was always the “chubby girl” in school and carried this into high school and university. I lost weight before starting post-secondary school through intense calorie restriction and exercise but unfortunately packed it all back on (and more!) with the stress of studying.

I tried for years to lose weight with success followed by re-gain. I was tired of the yo-yo’ing and was scared about my future health. At the age of 26 I already had high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and PCOS. I was afraid about what I was doing to my body and what my current health meant for my future. Ultimately despite it being scary, the decision was easy. I was ready to change my life for the better!

I did a lot of research before deciding on the gastric sleeve. Initially I inquired about the Lap-Band, however I was concerned about the risk of long-term complications and weight regain if the band malfunctions. I wanted something permanent and life-changing. Compared to the roux-en-y bypass procedure, I chose the sleeve for its more prolonged weight loss and lower risk of nutritional deficits.

I chose SmartShape after being referred by a family member. I considered waiting for the OHIP-funded procedure but with my health issues and tight schedule I wanted to be able to decide when the procedure would be and to get started as soon as possible. Lastly, I was impressed with the SmartShape Surgeon’s surgical prestige and trusted he would do a great job!

My experience with SmartShape was excellent! I was able to have a phone consultation with the Surgeon at the beginning, which allowed me to answer a LOT of my burning questions and really put me at ease. In the surgical period everyone was so supportive and amazing. I always got prompt responses when calling or e-mailing the nurses and trusted that I had help to back me up on this journey! Very happy with my choice.

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"I was ready to change my life for the better!"

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