“I am forever grateful that SmartShape has provided me with the tools to live my best and most healthy life!”

Want to lose weight and keep it off?

Studies show that having a support system is a crucial part of maintaining weight loss. While a cheering squad of friends and family is great, having a team of dedicated medical experts on your side is the key to success. That’s why SmartShape Surgical Weight Loss in Toronto developed our exclusive 5-year AfterCare Success Program and include it in the cost of every surgery we perform.


Our team of nurses and dietitians provides you with customized health, wellbeing and nutrition support, plus all the educational resources you need to succeed.

SmartShape offers Canada’s longest and most comprehensive weight loss surgery AfterCare Success Program.

The importance of a comprehensive AfterCare program cannot be over emphasized.

Patients who receive only one year of aftercare through other weight loss centres often end up hiring a private dietitian to support them for years after their surgery—and they’re only receiving a fraction of the services that SmartShape offers.


With both registered nurses and registered dietitians, our AfterCare Success Team can provide truly customized healthcare. Plus, emails and phone calls outside of regularly scheduled appointments are always welcome—and included. There are no extra fees.

Each bariatric procedure is different, but they all have one thing in common: consistently better results are achieved with professional support.

While wonderful, transforming your body and life can sometimes feel overwhelming. We have the expertise, compassion and patience to help you work through any struggles you may have. Your weight loss surgery AfterCare will take place through in-person or virtual appointments with our Toronto-based team of nurses and dietitians, depending on your preference and will include regular educational webinars to help you stay on track. SmartShape patients also have the opportunity to contact our team at their convenience whenever a question or concern comes up.

SmartShape’s AfterCare Success Program includes:

  • Comprehensive pre- and post-operative handbooks
  • Customized health checks before and after surgery
  • Regular virtual appointments with a registered dietitian or registered nurse based on post-surgery milestones and each patient’s specific needs
  • Educational guides that address patient-specific concerns
  • Monthly webinars and access to on-demand video education series
  • Regular access to the SmartShape AfterCare Success Team, through phone or email, as needed 

SmartShape’s AfterCare Success Team is ready to guide you through every step of your weight loss journey so you can live your best life.

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How often will I speak or meet with the SmartShape AfterCare Success Team?

Our check-ins happen regularly in the first year after weight loss surgery. On top of your regular appointments, there are monthly educational webinars, and you are free to email or call with questions, at your convenience. Following the first year, your appointments will be scheduled as needed, and you are welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly webinars to refresh your memory and make lasting habits.


Who is on the AfterCare Success Team?

Our AfterCare Success Team includes three nurses and two dietitians with experience coaching and caring for bariatric patients from all background. Meet them here. Plus, questions for your surgeon can be asked via the AfterCare Success Team.


What kind of support will I receive from the AfterCare Success Team?

Our nurses will provide in-depth healthcare information specific to your surgery and your health history. They will ensure that you are healing well after your surgery and are reaching health milestones going forward. Our dietitians will support your nutritional needs, advising on what, when and how to eat to properly nourish your body as it transforms.


What are the webinars about?

Our regular webinars cover specific nutrition and care needs following each different kind of bariatric surgery. We also cover topics about weight loss myths and facts, what to eat when ordering from a restaurant and digestive health.


Can the AfterCare Success Team support my mental health?

Our nurses and dietitians are experts in bariatric procedures and understand the stress that can accompany big life changes. We will provide emotional support and be your personal cheerleaders. If your need goes beyond our expertise, we can refer you to the right mental health provider.


How much is the AfterCare Success Program?

The AfterCare Success Program is included in the cost of every weight loss surgery we perform. 


What happens after five years?

Congratulations! You have graduated from our program! You will still have access to all the educational material we have provided you, and if you need additional support, we can refer you to the right help provider.


Can I contact my surgeon?

Yes. SmartShape surgeons can provide some post-surgery guidance. Send a message to the AfterCare Sucess Team, and they will relay your question to the surgeon.