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"I absolutely make use of the AfterCare program. That’s really the ticket to success."

AfterCare is Critical for Lasting Weight Loss

We are the only clinic to offer an extensive 5 Year AfterCare Program and it is included in our cost. You’ll have access to a surgeon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team of experts will provide you with educational support, online webinars and all the help you’ll need to succeed.

The importance of a comprehensive AfterCare program cannot be over emphasized.

Each bariatric procedure has differing aftercare medical needs, but all have one thing in common: Consistently better results are achieved when easy access to a team of experienced and supportive professionals is combined with opportunities for patients to share experiences and exchange advice with others who have had the same surgery. Unless you want to take this journey alone, you are best served having your procedure done where aftercare is not an after-thought.

One of the secrets to our success rate is the level of After-Care we provide –– the longest and most comprehensive in Canada.

The After-Care program includes consultations with your medical support team such as the nurses and dietitians, access to educational webinars that provide an opportunity for patients to interact with their coaches and provide a support forum from other patients.

Extended After-Care is widely recognized to be essential to long-term success.

Read what the America Diabetes Association has said about the importance of “rigorous long-term follow up by a multidisciplinary team with appropriate expertise” following Metabolic surgery. (June 2016 Issue | Diabetes Care®)

Australia’s Monash University recently published a 20-year study highlighting the long-term success of weight loss surgery noting that “A long-term partnership between doctor and patient with attention to eating rules, good nutritional care, and exercise and activity was very important”. (View source)

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