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Since 2005, SmartShape Weight Loss Centre has helped thousands of individuals in providing permanent weight loss solutions. SmartShape was voted the best weight loss clinic in the Greater Toronto Area for 4 consecutive years by thousands of our patients.

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“Nothing but praise for the procedure and excellent care I received.”

Don, SmartShape gastric sleeve patient

The SmartShape Program

SmartShape offers the longest and most comprehensive AfterCare Success program available in Canada by including 5 years of after-care support with every weight loss surgery procedure we perform and for patients who had bariatric surgery elsewhere and are looking for additional support. Our AfterCare Success Program is available for patients from Ontario, Alberta, Québec, British Columbia, the Atlantic Provinces (Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia), and throughout Canada. At SmartShape, we address both the physical and emotional aspects of weight loss by pairing you with a team of medical professionals who specialize in treating obesity. As always, our top priority is that you have success for life.

Stay Connected

You’ll have access to a surgeon and full clinician support team for 5 years after your surgery for your post-care. Our team of experts will provide you with educational support, online webinars, and all the help you’ll need to succeed. The importance of a comprehensive after-care program cannot be over-emphasized.

Receive Ongoing Support

Each bariatric surgery procedure has differing aftercare medical needs, but all have one thing in common: consistently better results are achieved when easy access to a team of experienced and supportive professionals is combined with opportunities for patients to share experiences and exchange advice with others who have had the same surgery.


We offer a range of modern weight loss procedures all performed using minimally invasive techniques for minimal scarring and reduced downtime. Our experienced team can help you choose the one that’s right for you.

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We encourage you to meet with one of our surgeons for a free consultation to discuss your health history and weight loss program goals.

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Surgery at Our Private Licensed Hospital

The bariatric surgeons at SmartShape Weight Loss Centre perform surgery at Clearpoint Surgical Toronto in Toronto, Ontario. This state-of-the-art facility includes surgical equipment specifically created for bariatric surgery along with advanced patient monitoring systems. There are private rooms for your overnight stay after surgery.

Clearpoint Surgical Toronto is a fully accredited facility by the Canadian Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (CAAASF) and is a provincially-certified private hospital. This level of quality ensures they operate at the highest level of quality care and service.