"Nothing but praise for the procedure and excellent care I received."
– Don, Gastric Sleeve

SmartShape Is an Award-Winning Facility and Team

Top Choice Award Mark of Excellence Winner 2018

Top Choice Award

Since 2005, SmartShape Weight Loss Centre has helped thousands of individuals in providing permanent weight loss solutions. SmartShape™ was voted the best weight loss clinic in the Greater Toronto Area for 4 consecutive years by thousands of our patients.

Center of Excellence

Center Of Excellence

SmartShape is the first Canadian facility accredited as a Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (CoEMBS) by the Surgical Review Corporation. The accreditation is awarded to a facility and its surgeons who are distinguished providers for delivering high-quality preoperative and long-term follow-up care.

Surgeon of Excellence MBS Seal

Surgeon Of Excellence

SmartShape is accredited with a Surgeon of Excellence seal for an excellent way for patients to identify bariatric surgeons who hold themselves to a higher standard.

Master Surgeon designation

Master Surgeon

SmartShape is accredited with the Master Surgeon seal, which is only awarded to the bariatric surgeons that provide the highest quality patient care.

Top Reasons Why People Choose SmartShape

SmartShape​ Weight Loss Centre
  • 1) Experience - It's All We Do
    Our team of bariatric specialists have over 75 years of combined experience performing over 7,000 weight loss surgeries since 2005.
  • 2) Hospital Accreditation
    The Gastric Sleeve, Mini Gastric Bypass, and Revision Surgery are performed in an accredited private hospital.
  • 3) Length of Stay
    Your overnight stay will be in a beautiful private room in our accredited private hospital.
  • 4) Bariatric Team
    SmartShape’s team of Bariatric Specialists monitor you 24/7.
  • 5) Surgeon Consult
    You actually talk to a SmartShape surgeon at your FREE consultation.
  • 6) After Care
    Canada's longest and most comprehensive AfterCare program included with each surgery (5 Years).
  • 7) Cost
    The cost of SmartShape programs are clearly outlined and includes a free consultation with the surgeon and comprehensive follow up care for 5 years.
Other Clinics
  • 1) Experience
    Other clinics have less experience. Fewer bariatric surgeries performed means less experienced teams. Some clinics are not weight loss specialists.
  • 2) Hospital Accreditation
    Other Bariatric clinics are not accredited hospitals and services are limited.
  • 3) Length of Stay
    Non-accredited hospitals must release you within 24 hours. Your overnight stay may be in a hotel.
  • 4) Bariatric Team
    Varies considerably, most are not bariatric specialists.
  • 5) Surgeon Consult
    Some clinics charge for surgical consultations which can cost up to $250.
  • 6) After Care
    May not be available at all or is limited to much shorter terms. After care is usually an extra charge.
  • 7) Cost
    Most clinics show base cost, then add fees for pre-or post-surgery appointments, consults, and access to critically needed after care.

Questions? Connect With Us Today!

The SmartShape Weight Loss Centre is happy to offer free consultations about our advanced weight loss procedures with a surgeon for patients from across Canada.


SmartShape offers the longest and most comprehensive AfterCare program available in Canada by including 5 years of after care support with every procedure. At SmartShape, we address both the physical and emotional aspects related to weight loss by pairing you with a team of medical professionals who specialize in the treatment of obesity. As always, our top priority is that you have success for life.


You’ll have access to a surgeon for 5 years after your surgery for your post-care. Our team of experts will provide you with educational support, online webinars and all the help you’ll need to succeed. The importance of a comprehensive AfterCare program cannot be over emphasized.


Each bariatric procedure has differing aftercare medical needs, but all have one thing in common: consistently better results are achieved when easy access to a team of experienced and supportive professionals is combined with opportunities for patients to share experiences and exchange advice with others who have had the same surgery.


Connect with the experts at SmartShape to learn more about our modern weight loss procedures. We are happy to answer any questions you may have so that you can make an informed decision.


We encourage you to meet with one of our surgeons for a free consultation to discuss your health history and weight loss program goals. You can also speak with our SmartShape™ ambassadors.