Down 160 lbs with gastric sleeve

Trevor Day BEFORE

My husband had gastric sleeve surgery on Jan 12th, 2017. Wow – where do I start with all the improvements we have seen. No more having to sleep with his sleep apnea machine, and no more snoring. He was pre-diabetic before and is no longer. He is off all medications except for his thyroid meds. He is now down 160 lbs and is so much more active and working on firming and toning. He maintains several small healthy meals throughout the day instead of eating junk food all evening. And now if he does have a “splurge treat” it actually makes him feel sluggish. He works out 2-3 times a week and we go for regular walks and go hiking on the weekends too. I no longer have to drag him and then wait for him to catch up and catch his breath. He actually will ask me if I want to go do something! He feels good about himself again and is enjoying buying clothes. I have seen him yo-yo diet for many years but this has actually been a lifestyle change. And he has been doing it for 1 year now so I think it will stick. I still can’t say he loves vegetables but I have found very inventive ways of sneaking them in. And now if he has a bite of something he used to eat, he will often say it tastes gross (too salty, oily or sweet). It’s funny what you get used to. Thank you so much for improving both of our lives and a big thank you to everyone at SmartShape for helping make Trever become healthier and happier!