Overall great! Excellent so far!

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

It seems quite soon to be asked to review since it’s a procedure that will take time to show results. The nurses went above and beyond, the two over night nurses were perfect. I don’t think there was any way for them to improve.

When it comes to pre-op information there was so much delivered in such a short span it felt overwhelming, I feel like there could have been more hand holding before the surgery, after the procedure, it seemed like someone from SmartShape, called me almost every day for the first week and it was very appreciated. In contrast before the surgery there was one detailed phone call 2 weeks before and 2 very brief calls in the 2 days before. There could have been more check-ins before surgery.

Also it wasn’t until the nurse was reading discharge instructions that we learned that I shouldn’t lay flat, that I needed to be propped up, while we figured it out, it could have been in your check list!

Overall great! Excellent so far!

– Anonymous