20 Great Gift Ideas for the Healthiest Person You Know

Health items for gifts

The holidays are almost here! Does it feel like it gets harder and harder every year to figure out what to spoil your family and friends with? If you have a loved one who is up on the latest health trends, is trying to lose weight, or wants to get a jump start on living a healthy lifestyle, we have some fabulous gift ideas for you! From stocking stuffers that are under $10, to trendy kitchen appliances and useful equipment for the gym, we’ve got you covered!
Let’s take a look at the top 20 gift ideas for the healthiest person you know.

Fitness Guru Gift Ideas

Is your mom looking to hit the gym as a part of her New Year’s resolution? Or perhaps your best friend has recently gotten into yoga and absolutely loves it? Regardless of what passion your fit and fabulous friend or family member has, we have the gifts for you!

Workout Clothing
Who doesn’t love getting new clothes? Especially new clothes for the gym. Wearing brand-new workout clothes can motivate you to be more productive and active, with a light and positive attitude!

Stocking Stuffers
There are so many athletic accessories that can be added into a stocking for the healthiest person you know. Try adding headbands, elastic bands, socks, deodorant, shoe laces, protein bars, or dry shampoo into their stocking this year.

Running Shoes
Running shoes are an essential part of every workout. They can help improve your performance, protect your feet, provide you with additional traction, and help reduce risk of injury. Find out what shoe size they are and go from there!

Headphones are essential to any workout. Listening to music can help keep you motivated throughout your workout and really help you power through.

Yoga Gear
Yoga is beneficial for the body and mind. If you know somebody who enjoys practicing yoga or wants to get started, why not spoil them with a yoga starter pack? This could include a yoga matt, block, resistance bands, guide, or clothing.

Fitness Tracker
A fitness tracker can prove to be highly beneficial for anyone who is looking to live an active, healthy lifestyle and lose weight. There are many brands, styles and price points to choose from.

Workout DVD
Nobody wants to leave the comfort of their warm and toasty house on those cold, snowy days. Give the gift of working out at home with a workout DVD! That way, they can complete their workout for the day without having to face the snow.

Gym Bag
It’s no secret, with regular use a gym bag can get smelly, dingy and worn out. A brand-new gym bag will look great, hold all items with ease, and best of all – smell amazing!

Food and Nutrition Gifts

Eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet is extremely important for any healthy lifestyle. If you have a loved one who is trying to improve their diet or simply loves healthy food, you might want to take a look at some of these gift ideas!

Cook Book
Regardless if you’re just starting out in your weight loss journey, or if you’re getting bored with the same old healthy recipes, a healthy cook book can be extremely beneficial!

Vegetable Spiralizer
Spiralized vegetables are a healthy alternative to store-bought pasta noodles. A spiralizer can provide a fun and creative way to ensure that you and your family eat enough vegetables.

Water Bottle
Help them drink enough water everyday with a fun and trendy water bottle! Modern water bottles are available in various shapes, sizes, colours and designs, so you can personalize it to their tastes.

Stylish Lunch Bag
Make sure they bring a healthy lunch to school or work, instead of buying one from a fast food restaurant, with a stylish lunch bag! Many lunch bags are equipped with pockets and insulation to keep things cool and separate.

Loose Leaf Tea Set
Loose leaf tea can offer many wonderful health benefits. To become a loose leaf tea drinker, a beginner will need an infuser, to-go mug, and of course, tea!

Food Journal
Documenting what you eat each day can help to eliminate unhealthy habits and stay on track with a well-balanced diet.

Crock Pot
Often, healthy meals require lots of preparation and cook time. Avoid frozen pizzas and fast food by preparing your dinner in a crock pot at the start of the day. There are tons of delicious and healthy crock pot recipes available.

Bento Box
High-quality food containers, like bento boxes, can really come in handy for healthy work and school lunches. Not only will they keep your food separate, but they can also help you track food portion sizes too!

Help Them Live a Healthy Lifestyle

The most important thing to remember about living a healthy lifestyle, is that it’s a lifestyle. It isn’t just about eating healthy here and there or going for a run now and then, it’s a long-term commitment to your health and overall quality of life. For the person who is truly trying to make a change and live a healthier lifestyle, here are some of the best gift ideas this holiday season.

An Agenda
An agenda can help track feelings, diet, fitness classes, and weight loss results throughout a weight loss journey. Agendas with a monthly calendar view can help you plan ahead for holidays or vacations, when eating right and getting exercise is more challenging.

Gift Cards
Unsure of what to get your healthy friend or family member? Why not get them a gift card to their favourite athletic or health foods store? You can give the gift of healthy shopping this year!

There are two types of scales that can be useful to someone during their weight loss journey. A scale to weigh themselves, and a scale to weigh their food. Either one of these scales can prove to be very helpful to someone who is trying to lose weight.

Spa Set
Hard work pays off. After a long day at the gym or a week of avoiding unhealthy foods, your loved one deserves to get spoiled. A spa set fully-equipped with bath salts, bubble bath, face masks, candles, and even some cozy slippers could be just what they need!

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