5 Facts that make SmartShape the best choice!

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Unfortunately, there is a substantial lack of accurate and detailed information available when it comes to Gastric Band Weight Loss Surgery. At SmartShape™, we’ve received many calls from patients who had surgery at other clinics and had issues with post-operative support or their band.  Many of these patients have signed up for the SmartShape™ Aftercare and Support program or if necessary, had to have surgery to repair or replace a defective band.

Don’t let this happen to you!  Here are the SmartShape FACTS:

  1. Experienced and Professional Bariatric Surgeons

Our Surgeons have performed over 5,000 LAP-BAND® Procedures. You will connect with one of our highly experienced Surgeons directly before your surgery during your free consultation. Our Surgeons approve you for your LAP-BAND® procedure, not a commissioned sales rep.

Only SmartShape™ has a team of highly skilled Surgeons across the country.

  1. The Apollo LAP-BAND®

With over 850,000 patients worldwide, the LAP-BAND® is the only gastric band that is approved by the FDA and Health Canada and is the only band SmartShape™ uses. The LAP-BAND® is backed by thousands of research studies showing it is safe and effective.  The LAP-BAND® is the best band available because it is a proven, better quality product. You want the best device in your body.  At SmartShape™, we do not compromise on quality…ever.

SmartShape™ is the only national clinic in Canada that uses the Apollo LAP-BAND®.

  1. FIVE Year Aftercare Program

‘Yes, 5 years of Aftercare support is critical to your success and should not be compromised. Don’t believe anything different. The American Diabetes Association just published a paper on Metabolic Surgery saying lifelong vitamin/nutritional supplementation and “rigorous long-term follow up by a multidisciplinary team with appropriate expertise is required. Also, all our fills/adjustments, our registered dietician, fitness guidance, educational webinars and support meetings headed by SmartShape™ patients are included in the SmartShape Aftercare program.

Only SmartShape™ offers a 5 Year Comprehensive Aftercare program.

  1. Custom Adjustments

SmartShape™ insists on custom adjustments that are right for you and your body and you may need these adjustments for a number of years to achieve the best possible result. We strongly disagree with the ‘one size fits all’ or ‘one fill at 6 weeks’ that some clinics are offering. Everyone is different and you may need adjustments on an ongoing basis that are right for you in order to achieve the significant and sustained weight loss you are looking for.

Only SmartShape™ offers custom adjustments.

  1. Everything is Included in our Price

SmartShape™ does not hide or add on any costs, unlike some clinics. The SmartShape™ LAP-BAND® Program is $16,000. The procedure, LAP-BAND® device and five year aftercare program are all included in that one price. There is no deposit until you are approved by a Surgeon and your surgery date is booked. Our staff can help you with financing options and discuss other funding alternatives.                     

For more information on how SmartShape is the right choice for your weight loss surgery, call us today at 1 888 278 7952.