5 Lap-Band Myths Explained

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

1. Lap-Band patients can no longer travel by air.

FALSE. It’s perfectly safe to travel with the Lap-Band. Some patients may experience tightness in their band during a flight and may continue a short time afterwards, but if you are aware and prepared in advance, there’s no reason to worry. The band is also “alarm-free” meaning that it will not be a problem when passing through security at the airport. As an added bonus, patients have commented that scuba diving has no effect on the band! But make sure to contact us at the clinic at least 2 weeks before travelling, so we can determine whether an adjustment is necessary.

2. Women can’t get pregnant if they have a Lap-Band.

FALSE. Study shows that the chances of getting pregnant increases with weight loss. In comparison to the Gastric Bypass, the Lap-Band does not cause malabsorption and therefore allows the baby to get all the nutrients the mother consumes. If your doctor recommends increasing your caloric intake, the Lap-Band can be adjusted. Patients prefer the Lap-Band procedure over other bariatric procedures for this same reason. Should you become pregnant, don’t forget to share the goods news with us, so we can advise you during the full term.

3. For patients who have reached their goal weight, they should have their Lap-Band removed.  

FALSE. Although the Lap-Band is reversible, it’s meant to be a permanent implant and is not recommended to be removed. Study shows that having the band removed will bring back the weight the patient has lost. It’s important to remember that a healthy diet, regular exercise and the Lap-Band are a team and work together to help sustain weight loss.

4. The band should be tight as possible to stop you from eating too much.

FALSE.  When the band is too tight, you can’t eat solid foods without feeling uncomfortable or vomiting, therefore leaving you to opt for softer foods. Softer foods travel through the band quicker, are high in calories and can lead to weight gain because you’re not able to achieve early satiety.

5. Lap-Band surgery leaves a big scar.

FALSE. The Lap-Band is positioned in the abdomen by way of laparoscopic technique. Also described as “keyhole” or “minimally invasive” surgery. This involves 5 small incisions. With good healing skin, these can be hardly noticeable.

 Yours in health,

 Tammy, Debbie and Sue