5 Smart and Essential Post Bariatric Eating Tips

Couple toasting wine glasses in an elegant restaurant

Life after a mini gastric bypass (MGB) doesn’t have to be complicated!

If you’ve worked hard in preparation for your MGB, and you’re keen to implement your new drinking and eating behaviours, keep reading! In this article, we unveil five smart and essential eating tips to ensure a successful recovery, and a healthier diet following your mini gastric bypass.

Dietary Stages

During the first month following surgery, you’ll advance through four dietary stages: liquids, pureed foods, soft foods and solid foods. While you may have to cautiously introduce some foods back into your diet, cultivating a lifestyle of moderation with good-quality fibre and protein will keep you ahead of the curve.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you navigate your food choices post-MGB.

High-Fat Food

Too much of anything is good for nothing! Regardless of whether you’ve had bariatric surgery, eating too many fatty foods is never a good idea.

Try reducing your intake of foods that are high in fat, such as fried foods, ice cream, and candy bars, and instead, opt for high-protein, low-fat choices. Add lean cuts of beef, chicken, pork, fish, or beans to your diet. Low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurts are also great sources of protein.


When it comes to beer and alcoholic beverages, you’ll need to rethink how you drink. Gastric bypass may lower your alcohol tolerance, causing patients to become intoxicated faster and remain so longer.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the effects of alcohol are nearly doubled in people who have had gastric bypass surgery. That means drinking one or two glasses of wine may affect you the way four or five glasses would affect someone who hasn’t had the surgery.

It’s important to make your family or close friends aware of this, so they can help keep you safe.

Dry Foods

It may take longer to tolerate foods that are harder or drier like nuts or granola. You can have regular cereal, but make sure it is softened by low-fat milk. Another great tip is to make your meat moist by cooking with broth that is labelled as “no salt added” in the oven or tomato sauce in a slow cooker.

Carbonated Beverages

Drinking any brand of carbonated soda after a mini gastric bypass can result in gas and bloating. Instead, choose water or infuse it with fruit. Herbal teas are another great choice, especially when poured over ice.

Your stomach will thank you for it later!

Stringy or Fibrous Vegetables

While it’s important to consume as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can in the weeks following surgery, you may find some stringy or fibrous vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, celery or even corn difficult to digest.

The key thing to remember with these foods is to chew very well and take it slow. You might be able to tolerate these over time, but in the short term, eating slowly can make a huge difference or try eating cooked, soft vegetables with no skin.

So, there you have it! Five smart and essential eating tips and tricks to help you on your road to mini gastric bypass recovery.  Would you like to learn more about the mini gastric bypass or any other permanent weight loss solution? Connect with a SmartShape™ Program Advisor today at (888) 278-7952 or schedule a free consultation!