A Lap-Band Journey: From a Patient’s Perspective

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Arlene was always a bit intrigued as to why they call weight loss a “journey”.  Having a French background, she saw things more literally and thought of a journey as a place to go to over time, not an abstract state of mind to achieving her healthy weight.  Since her transformation, she has learned a lot about what the so-called weight loss “journey” is all about.

Although quite slim as a child, she started to gain some weight in high school but it was manageable until after having children.  Then it started to become more problematic as the years went by. It started simply enough. Arlene wanted to lose weight for years and did so many times over.  However, the main problem she encountered was sustaining her weight loss. Like everyone else who have made multiple attempts in losing weight, she regained her weight over and over again, usually more than she had lost in her previous attempts. 

Then one day, Arlene suffered from life’s biggest blow —-a back injury that would bring her busy career and life to an abrupt halt.  There was however, some mercy in the fact that she did not know at the time that her injury was going to end up permanent.  In addition to emotional grief, Arlene also became physically limited. She was not able to do her daily routine and on many days, could barely move or stand.  She began gaining weight at a fast rate reaching close to the 200lbs mark. It was at this moment Arlene decided it was time to do something. 

Arlene had a friend (a nurse), who told her about the Lap-Band program at SWLC, her experiences with the SWLC team, and her continuing success.  Arlene’s friend was happy and was satisfied with relatively small portions.  Arlene was not particularly an emotional eater, but consumed large portions during meals and was still hungry afterwards.

In September 2010, Arlene had her consultation with a Lap-Band surgeon. He was very helpful to her and took the time to answer all of her questions. Weighing at 200lbs, Arlene was scheduled for her Lap-Band procedure in December 2010. In preparation for the procedure, Arlene was prescribed two weeks of meal replacement. She found it difficult, but not impossible. She was primed and very motivated. She was nervous on the day of her surgery, primarily of the anesthetic. But all went well, her anesthesiologist was great at making her feel comfortable and safe.

A year and a half year later, Arlene is 15lbs shy from her target weight. She is still continuing to lose weight at a healthy rate and no longer indulges in large portions. She is completely satisfied after her meals. Arlene has learned to keep a food diary detailing what she consumes during the day to prevent her from consuming extra calories. She finds this process helpful and gives her control. Arlene knows that although weight loss will not cure her back injury, it will help ease the pain and slow down the expected deterioration process.

She is happy to know that by achieving sustained weight loss, she has minimized her risks of being diagnosed with heart disease, stroke and diabetes.