A Lap-Band Journey: From a Patient’s Perspective

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

It has been one year since Gail started her meal replacement to prepare her for Lap-Band surgery at SWLC.

For 2 years, Gail enjoyed her Ford Mustang convertible. It gave her the feeling that she was searching for…that feeling of confidence that she lacked. She felt like an 18 year old again, like she was on top of the world. The only problem was Gail could only drive the car for a few months a year, a couple of hours a week. Canadian weather for you.

She had been thinking about bariatric surgery for a couple of years, but kept putting it off because of the expense. One day, during her AHA moment, she suddenly asked herself. Do you want to be overweight and miserable driving around in your Mustang? Or do you want to be slim and happy riding a bicycle?

Gail contemplated and contemplated and contemplated. Finally, she made a decision that would change her life. Gail decided to sell her Mustang to pay for her surgery. The one thing that gave her confidence in life, in exchange for a healthier one.

On July 15th, 2011, Gail had the Lap-Band procedure weighing in at 290lbs. Today, she is over 100lbs lighter.  

Gail wants everyone to know that this was by far the best decision she has ever made for herself. She is now healthier and happier than she has ever been in the last 40 years. She realized that the surgery may not have worked for her at an earlier time in her life because she wasn’t there in mind, body and soul. This time around, she was ready, she was committed. Increasing her physical activity has also had a huge impact on her success. Gail exercises at the local gym on a consistent basis, 4 times a week for the past 7 months, doing cardio and weight resistance training. She is now into kayaking, swimming, and even started ice skating again this past winter.

Gail knows that the weight she has lost, will not return. Her lifestyle has changed completely. She is diligent about what she eats and how much she eats. 

So what does Gail tell people who say they can’t afford the surgery? “That when they are truly ready to have it done, they will find a way…that they will make a sacrifice…that their health and happiness is well worth every penny.”