A Lap-Band Journey: From a Patient’s Perspective

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Finally, after four years of post-op, Deb realized the key element to finding success and learning to live with the band as a TOOL and that is keeping in touch with SWLC on a regular basis and using their services.

Here is Deb’s story….

Deb was one of those “closet bandsters”, only a “few” knew that she had the Lap-Band.  She didn’t even tell her immediate family including her mother!

She did well on the first year but ran into a few challenges a year later. Long story short…she lost about 75 lbs in the first year and was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer a year after ending in the emergency at the local hospital.  Initially, the ulcer resulted in a rapid loss of another 20 lbs in a very short time due to her lack of appetite and discomfort. Once she recovered from the ulcer, the weight started to climb back on.  Deb knew why. She wasn’t choosing the right foods and ignoring the bandsters’ “rules to live by”.

That was 3 years ago and due to the embarrassment of weight gain, she didn’t want to go back to the clinic for a Lap-Band adjustment and lost total contact with the clinic.  She turned her back on the support and services that they offered at the clinic. Deb also harbored feelings of “guilt” because she had spent all this money on surgery and was now failing BIG TIME and putting on weight!  She thought she was the only person experiencing that.

She decided she had to face her fears and admit that she needed help.  Deb took a leap of faith and went to her first session with Sue, one of SWLC’s Lap-Band nurses, who was running a “Burn and Learn” combination fitness and exercise class.  The combination class included a 45-minute exercise session that included12-14 women, followed with another hour of facilitated discussion. Deb felt supported and safe. All the topics discussed were confidential.

After her second session with Sue and participating in her BURN and LEARN program, Deb decided to give SWLC a call to schedule her first appointment in three years.

Deb can’t tell you the difference a couple of fills and even one de-fill makes!  Since reconnecting with SWLC (thanks to Sue’s “Burn and Learn” sessions), she is now learning to live with the band as a TOOL much better.

With increase in physical fitness, Deb has lost 21 pounds in the past 3 months since re-connecting with SWLC for a total of 103 lbs since her surgery.  More important than the numbers on the scale is the fact that she has reduced her blood pressure medication in half and has been taken off her cholesterol medication. Deb’s evaluation for level of heart attack risk has gone from moderate to low!