A Lap-Band Journey: From a Patient’s Perspective

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Leah can still remember the day she decided to have bariatric surgery for her weight issue. 

It had only been 25 years ago that her issue with obesity began, so the fact that it took her 6 months to make the decision, was relatively fast. 

Now that the decision was made to proceed with weight loss surgery, the questions began…what kind of surgery and where?  She began to ask anyone who she could talk to about various kinds of weight loss procedures available. That was when the fear set in. Leah could not get the two words “non-reversible’ out of her head.  After losing sleep for a few days, she quickly ended the deliberation and decided that the Lap-Band procedure was the way to go. Its reversible and minimally invasive advantages took precedence over her nervousness in having weight loss surgery as a last resort.

The next question was where to have this done. Having been in sales and marketing most of her adult life, she felt she could detect a sales pitch from a mile away. The big decision point for her was that if she was going to get this surgery done, a focus on who was going to do it was a must!  People always flock to the most popular surgeon or doctor for any of their medical needs, so Leah felt she should do the same while choosing a Lap-Band clinic. She wanted the most qualified surgeon and that meant having performed thousands of Lap-Band procedures a year. In addition, the surgeon had to be well-respected in the medical community and her family doctor agreed. He would need to have the expertise for Leah to feel safe and confident and allow him to perform this life changing procedure. 

For the next while, Leah scheduled appointments with several clinics in Ontario. But only one stood out to her. This clinic met her requirements and more. She wanted to feel connected to her surgeon and the team. She did. After all, it was important to her to have a team that will provide support during her most challenging feat to date.

Two years later, 115lbs lighter and she still continues to receive the same high quality of care from her SWLC team.