Am I Eligible for the Gastric Sleeve?

Am I Eligible for the Gastric Sleeve?

For the right candidate, the gastric sleeve is a powerful tool that makes effective weight loss a lasting solution. Performed laparoscopically, the gastric sleeve can help you lose weight by reducing the size of your stomach to control portion size, allowing you to eat less per meal while still feeling satisfied. To help determine if the gastric sleeve is right for you, read on to discover the eligibility requirements and other must-know information.

A Gastric Sleeve May Be Right for You If:

  • Your BMI is 30 or higher
  • You’re prepared to alter your eating and lifestyle habits
  • You prefer a procedure that requires minimal ongoing intervention or adjustments
  • You abstain from excessive alcohol and illegal drug consumption

The best way to find out if you’re eligible for the gastric sleeve procedure is by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation. Click here to schedule yours and in the meantime, learn a little more about the gastric sleeve and the benefits it offers below!

How Effective is the Gastric Sleeve?

Performed laparoscopically and under general anesthesia, the surgeon uses a tiny camera called a laparoscope to remove a part of the stomach that secretes a “hunger hormone” called ghrelin. Once removed, your hunger urges will quickly and effectively subside, leading to excellent and long-lasting weight loss results. Gastric sleeve patients can typically lose up to 70% of their excess weight within the first year.

Non-Invasive Means Faster Recovery

The low-risk and minimally-invasive laparoscopic technique will help to reduce the time you spend recovering so that you can return more quickly to your normal routine. There are also several other associated benefits such as less pain, reduced risk of infection, and smaller scars. Another great benefit is that the gastric sleeve doesn’t affect the absorption of food, so nutritional deficiencies are less likely to occur.

The Next Steps

If you’re ready to learn more about the gastric sleeve or to see if it is the best option for you, the SmartShape™ team is here to ensure that you have everything you need to be successful. Contact our team today to book a free consultation with one simple click. You can also browse the gastric sleeve portion of our website and visit our blog, which is packed full of information about other types of weight loss procedures we provide.

Weight Loss Solutions in Canada

At the SmartShape™ Weight Loss Center, our dedicated team of geriatric specialists have more than 75 years of combined experience performing over 6,000 weight-loss surgeries since 2005. We also offer Canada’s longest and most comprehensive aftercare program which is included with every surgery. If you want to learn more about the weight loss solutions offered here at the SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre, contact us today or schedule a free consultation!