Atlantic Voice focuses on Rising Issue of Obesity

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Pauline Dakin interviews Dr. Sharma on how obesity has become a growing concern in Canada. Dakin starts of by stating the 1/4 Canadian adults and 1/10 children are obese. With Atlantic Canada having the highest rate of obesity in Canada.  Dakin describes “being overweight is a sensitive issue that ties up with food security, money and self-esteem.” Dr Sharma engages the crowd by asking what they think when someone says the word “obesity,” and most words answered by the crowd are quite negative. During his interview he describes how multi-million dollar industries are selling “stereo-typical” diets which for many people do not work. Diets help you lose 3% to 5% weight loss though are not the proper solution and probably not for everyone. While, with bariatric surgery you get a larger percentage of weight loss. The multi-million dollar industry of diet books, diet pills and diet strategies are stated to be a waste of time and money in the long-run. Dakin explains the only proven treatment for obesity is through surgery.

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