5 ways to Promote Healthy Eating for Kids

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  1. Don’t ban junk food – Provide in moderation. Once kids get their first taste of junk food it is hard to get them unhooked. Completely banning specific food tempts them to have more, instead parents should limit the amount of junk food they provide for their kids.
  2. Keep a schedule: Keeping a regular meal and snack time discourages kids from nibbling throughout the day or becoming hungry between meals which can cause them to overeat. Most children require three meals a day and one or two snacks. If your child skips a meal do not make up by offering them candy or cookies. Instead, offer them a healthy snack such as fruits and vegetables.
  3. Set an example: Children love to copy what their parents do and are likely to mimic their meal preference. When preparing meals, have the children involved in helping pick healthy food choices.
  4. Avoid buying in bulk: If you want to buy a treat, buy the smallest possible package or single serving.
  5. Eat smart at school: It is important to teach children from an early age to make nutritious food options. To encourage them to avoid buying sugary or salty treats, Pack healthy snacks, such as apples and peanut butter, whole grain crackers and cheese to bring to school.