Best Outdoor Summer Exercises

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1.Hiking is a fun outdoor fitness activity for the summer. Hiking is much more varied than many other types of exercises because depending on the trail, the landscape will also change. If it is your first time, make sure you have proper attire and comfortable footwear to hike.

2. Bicycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise, it does not only involve the legs but builds strength and muscle tone in a holistic manner since every single part of your body is involved. Cycling also builds stamina and is a good way to enjoy it with a bunch of friends or even alone.

3. Playing sports that involves racquets such as badminton or tennis gets you moving – and moving is good for the body and the mind. Both badminton and tennis are sports that require cooperation of the whole body and enhances your flexibility, coordination and balance.

4. Frisbee is a high intensity game which requires quick turns, jumps and sprinting. It is a full body workout, from your legs, hips and arms. This is a great game to play with your family or friends and you forget you are exercising!

5. Playing a game of volleyball will work out a variety of different muscles. Not only your arms but your legs will get a good workout from squatting and moving around.

Now get out there and enjoy the summer!