Budgeting for bariatric surgery

budgeting-womanJanuary is often the month that people review their spending from the previous year, especially for the holiday season just passed, and think about their budget for the year ahead.

Surgical weight loss procedures might seem to cost a lot –– but when you consider how much you’ve spent on diet programs along with the less obvious costs of being overweight such as plus-sized clothing, prescription meds and weight-related health issues, the value of a lasting solution becomes more obvious. A LAP-BAND®, Gastric Sleeve, or Mini Gastric Bypass weight loss program from SmartShape is a one-time investment in the rest of your life. The last weight loss solution you’ll ever need.

Because it’s lasting. It works.

…and you’re worth it.

You may wish to consider financing your procedure – SmartShape works with industry leading lenders to provide convenient, affordable payment plans. Also, several government programs may help offset a portion of the cost of surgical weight loss procedures.

When you’ve made the decision to change your life… we’re here to help.

Financing Plans available from as little as $61/week, with 0% down. Fast, easy applications and a choice of lenders.

For more information on how a bariatric procedure with SmartShape might fit in your budget this year, visit http://bit.ly/SmartShapeFinancingMedicard.