Buying Clothing After Weight Loss

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Shopping After Weight-Loss

It does not take long, after weight loss surgery, to notice you are in need of some new clothes. In time, you are not going to be able to continue to wear those lose fitting garments and it is going to be time to shop for some new clothes that fits you and starts showing off that new body. This can be a very exciting time in your process. Buying smaller sized clothes can give a confidence boost. This experience can also be intimidating for some people but there are several ways you can be prepared to make your shopping experience most pleasant.

Bright fabrics

If you had been picking out neutral colors to wear then try to change up and add some color to your wardrobe. Bright colored clothes can be a confident booster. Get some eye catching and exciting colors that will boost your confidence like classic black or brown trousers.

Accessorize your new outfits

If you feel that bright colors are not for you then try some accessories to spice up your outfit. You can get handbags and a variety of scarves to compliment any outfit. This is a good way to reward yourself after weight-loss surgery. A nice necklace can even do the trick.

Get rid of old clothes

Before you go shopping you should get rid of all the old items that’s collecting dust or those items you are not going to be wearing after the weight loss. Oversized clothes should be the first items you through out. Be confident that you are never going to need them again. Getting rid of over sized items will help in obtaining your weight loss goals. You need new clothes for the new and improved you.

Basics and simple steps

Weight-loss shopping can be a lot of fun. Start with a few simple garments to get you started and build you wardrobe accordingly. Look for garments that fit snug and go well with other clothes you already have stored away in your closet.

Styles make a difference

Fabrics can be a personal preference but there are many types that can flatter your bodies shape. Popular types range from knit garments to lycra which hang well and hold a nice shape after weight-loss.

Ask friends for advice

Once you meet some of your weight-loss goals, you should ask friends or family members to be honest about which types of garments flatter your new figure. Ask a friend to take some pictures and compare them to your old self. Some garments will look much better on your body and its figure type than others. Weight-loss causes a body to change shapes so it’s important to find out what really works to show off that new figure.

Do not jump the gun, there is more road ahead

Remember that unless you have reached your ideal weight and you and your doctor have agreed that you are at the end of your weight loss journey and now you are just maintaining, do not go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. For two very important reasons. First of course is the obvious one, if you continue to lose weight your newly purchased clothing will not fit any more. The second reason is even more important. Mentally you do not want to give yourself a reason to undermine your weight loss progress. You do not want to make excuses for yourself. Do not get into the trap of telling yourself “well now that the Lap-Band has allowed me to lose some weight, I do not want to lose anymore because then I will have to buy all new clothes again.” Treat yourself to a few nice things, but realize that this is just a stop along the journey and that there is more road ahead. At the end of that road, you will weigh less, you will feel even better than you do now and the clothes you buy at the end of the journey will make you look even better! Hang in there!