Can Traditional Diets Sustain Weight Loss?

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Traditional diets require patients to eat either smaller portions or limit their dietary choices. Patients fall of the diet wagon because the smaller portions or restricted food choices are rarely sustainable. When we diet, the brain thinks that the food supply has been restricted and views this as a threat to survival. As a result diets lead to enhanced sensations of hunger and cravings because the body is used to the larger portions that have contributed to their obesity. When portions are reduced or food choices are restricted the body responds by increasing the sensation of hunger. Patients then need to use willpower and determination in order to maintain the diet program. Eventually patients are unsuccessful because they are not able to maintain the willpower indefinitely. The body is then primed to put all the weight back on that has been lost, and in many cases even more weight is gained. The cycle of yo-yo dieting is very common and a universal experience of chronically overweight or obese patients. Study shows less than 2% of patients who start a diet are able to maintain a 20 pound weight loss for 2 years. The repeated failure of dieting then leads to increased feelings of failure and despair.
With the Lap-Band, patients are able to eat smaller portions and not feel the hunger and cravings traditionally associated with diets. Because it’s a permanent implant, patients are able to achieve sustained weight loss.