Cathy Conquers Diabetes with the Lap-Band

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

On July 23rd 2009, Cathy had the Lap-Band procedure at SmartShape Weight Loss Centre.

At 265lbs and 5”5 tall, Cathy had devoted much time and money to many diets and exercise programs available, but none of them worked. Travelling on airplanes was unpleasant since she was always required to use a seatbelt extension. Tragically, in April 2009, Cathy had a motorcycle accident. She was badly hurt having broken a rib, a bruised lung and every bone in her body ached. In addition to feeling like a social outcast, having physical limitations due to her accident, Cathy was also diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and other co-morbidities associated with being obese. Cathy finally had enough!

In the summer of 2009, Cathy had a consultation with the SmartShape surgeon to discuss the Lap-Band program. Although this was a big investment for her and her family, she decided that the Lap-Band was the right choice for her health. Cathy’s husband sold his Harley motorcycle to pay for the procedure, believing that the Lap-Band could improve his wife’s quality of life.

Today, Cathy is proud to say she is in remission with diabetes, her blood pressure is normal and is now a size 16, down from size 24. She enjoys exercising and waking up every morning feeling like a new person.