Charlene`s weight down 110lbs with SmartShape

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

My name is Charlene and I am 49 years old. I have struggled with my weight since the age of 5. I turned to food when I was sad, happy or even stressed. My weight fluctuated like the stock market and I gained more and more each time.

I tried many diets and weight loss methods with minimal success. With each new diet I tried, I gained more weight. The scale became my enemy and soon I was reaching 300lbs. Fear kept me from stepping onto the scale, and the real nightmare was just beginning.

Soon, I was diagnosed with skin infection, coronary heart disease, sleeping disorder, had diabetic symptoms and knees problems due to my weight. My doctors advised me that they couldn’t help me, unless I lose weight. They warned me that my heavy weight may kill me.

On January 2014, I put my fears behind me and had the Lap-Band procedure at SmartShape Weight Loss Centre. Finally, I wasn’t on a diet. The Lap-Band helped me control the portions I ate and I noticed I started to lose weight. The education and support from the team at SmartShape guided me in the right direction. My family gladly jumped on board with my lifestyle changes. One year later, I am 110lbs lighter. My life threatening medical conditions have disappeared and feel like a normal person.

I only have one regret, that I should’ve done this sooner.