Choices for YOUR New Year’s Resolutions

Diet Program Comparison ChartMany people choose the beginning of each year to make their resolution to finally lose weight. If you are thinking about making the choice to commit to a weight loss program, and finding success on your weight loss journey, be mindful about the path you choose.

At first flush, one weight loss program may seem more affordable than another, but when you do a little math, you can find out that it’s the success of a weight loss program that becomes most important, providing you not only with a positive outcome but also with a much higher return on value for your money.

Many weight loss programs require that you are on them for life to remain successful, which means paying the annual amount for the program and any attendant costs forever. However, with bariatric procedures, like the LAP-BAND program at SmartShape, you pay a similar amount annually, or less, to other programs but (based on 5-year financing) you will have much better results with the weight loss approximately 5-7 times more than other programs, and your payments will also end.


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Much of the information in the Weight Comparison Chart comes from…
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(A) Includes membership and meeting fees
(B) Procedure cost of $16,500 broken out over 5 years for easy comparison
(C) $100 – $300 to join, plus approx. $90 per week for required food
(D) Annals of Int. Med, Table 2
*1-year weight loss is calculated from the number who completed one year only
**Between 3% and 6% of patients will have the LAP-BAND® removed
***Based on Fielding, 40%-52% excess weight loss at one year, for a person with BMI>40
Results may vary