Choose Fruit Over Juice!

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Plan your day to have fruit, not juice, at all meals and snacks. Mix things up and get creative. Fruit isn’t just for smoothies; you can add fruit to salads , soups, yogurt, loaves, hot cereal and more! Reduce added sugar in recipes by adding fresh fruit or plain, naturally sweet with no sugar added dried fruit.

Try frozen fruit. Frozen fruit is already washed, peeled and precut. It is available in most seasons which gives us a great variety!  It’s affordable, too. Given that frozen fruit is harvested and quickly packaged thereafter, it may be higher in nutrition than its fresh counterpart which has to remain shelf stable to travel long distances.

Keep fruit within arm’s reach and easy view. If it’s out of sight, it might be out of mind. Try keeping fresh fruit on the kitchen counter or middle of the table. Having larger fruits like pineapples and melons pre-cut, washed and ready-to-eat is helpful, as well.

Take the juice box out of the lunch bag. Instead of juice, toss in a piece of fruit. The whole fresh pieces on the counter, or the fruit also washed, diced or sliced in the fridge can be just as quick to fill the bag on a busy workday/schoolday morning.

Don’t buy large containers of juice. Cartons of juice can be expensive. As an alternative, indulge your taste buds and try herbal teas and naturally flavoured water with lemon and lime slices.

Recommended by SmartShape’s Registered Dietitian

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