Cooking the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

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  1. Your goal when cooking turkey is to make sure it reaches a high enough cooking temperature to kill harmful bacteria. The slower and less you cook the turkey, the more opportunity for harmful bacteria to grow.
  2. Never cook a turkey at less than 325ºF (160ºC).
  3. Instead of checking for the juices to run clear to let you know the turkey is done –use a food or meat thermometer. This is the most accurate and safest way to check that it is thoroughly cooked.
  4. The best place to check the temperature is the inner thigh just above the bone (avoid actually touching the bone).

Cooked Turkey should reach these temperatures.

  • Unstuffed turkey = 85ºC (185ºF)
  • Stuffed turkey = 85ºC (185ºF)
  • Stuffing =74ºC (165ºF)
  • Ground turkey = 74ºC (165ºF)