Denise’s Story

smartshape denise before after

My weight issues start happening in Junior High School and proceed from there.  I tried numerous different diets.  I was like a yo-yo – going up in weight and then going down again.  Nothing really worked for me.  I followed every plan. Some worked with only temporary results and some didn’t work at all.

In November 2008 I started taking a hard look at my life and something needed to give.  I was borderline diabetic and the pills they gave me were making me sick to my stomach.  I had never had any health issues before so this was a wake-up call.  I thought I’d better change something before something went terribly wrong.

From November 2008 to February 2009 I researched everything.  Reading stories and books, watching videos on YouTube including a lot of ‘before and after’ videos. I read the good, bad and ugly.  Once I determined what I wanted to do, I reached out to my family doctor who tried to help me.  I eventually went to several different doctors.

I ended up meeting the SmartShape Surgeon in Calgary. He was very nice, he asked me a lot of questions and I had answers for everything (I did my homework!).  I knew what I wanted to do and the direction I wanted to go and at this point I knew the clinic I wanted to use was “Smart Shape”.  I had the Lap-Band procedure in July 2009 at Smart Shape in Mississauga.

I choose Smart Shape after I read online reviews and I liked what they had on their website.  Everyone I talked to at the clinic before I booked my appointment was very helpful answering all my questions.

In January of this year I decided I needed to do more with my weight.  I loved the LAP-BAND but had knew I wanted to have an even better result.

I researched a lot of difference options to find the one that would be best for me and my journey. I started researching the Mini Gastric Bypass and all its pros and cons. Once I determined this was what I wanted to do, I reached out to Sue at SmartShape and let her know I wanted to move forward with this revision and she got the ball rolling right away.

The SmartShape staff are amazing they are professional, caring and take real pride in what they do.  The SmartShape Surgeon has really been there for me and did both my LAP-BAND and Mini Gastric Bypass procedures. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to take this journey with.  He has a great sense of humor and no matter how nervous I was about the surgeries, he made me laugh and took away my fears.

The nurses are the best. They are totally amazing and there to help in any way.  Living in another province was never an issue.  Without their support and guidance, I would have been lost.    I participate in the courses online.  I love that I can pick up the phone or email the clinic with my questions and have someone follow up with me right away.

The dietitian is always there to help guide you in the right direction, providing support, follow-up and one-on-one chats to help you get on track and ensure things are going well.  I have learned so much from her and the nurses.  All the staff at SmartShape have been a huge part of my success and I couldn’t have done this without them!


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