Exercise: Critical to Any Weight Loss Program

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Exercise is an important component of any effective weight loss program due to the resultant burning of calories. However, exercise alone has not been found to be an effective means of weight-loss and only works if combined with restriction of caloric intake with procedures such as the Lap-Band. For example, if you exercise at full intensity on a treadmill or elliptical for 30 minutes you will likely burn approximately 300 calories. These calories can be very quickly consumed by eating a chocolate bar or having a mixed alcoholic drink. Exercise is very important to enhance cardiovascular fitness and minimize weight gain, no matter what your BMI is, but cannot be relied upon as a weight loss tool in isolation.

Obese Patients Should Take Help From Exercise Trainers

Exercise in morbidly obese patients can be very challenging due to back or joint pain. We recommend that you develop an exercise plan that you are capable of and suggest you enlist the help of a trainer if necessary. Many obese patients find that water based fitness programs such as aqua aerobics are both effective and comfortable due to the reduced strain on hips, knees and the back. It is also important to note that exercise is thought to be effective in enhancing the ability of the skin to remodel after weight loss and may help to reduce problems with excess skin.