Finding What Motivates You

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

I know there have been days when you wake up and need that little kick in the pants. Those days when you don’t want to do, what you know you’re “supposed” to do or “expected” to do.

Like you, I have many of those days as well. You are sweating, shaking, tearing up, second guessing yourself but yet yearning to trek on. Whatever “it” is for you, whatever that fear is, these fears can be met with the right motivation.

To me, I find my motivation in feeling good about myself and overcoming the self doubt that I have about me. After having 4 kids and putting so much of me into my family, I finally have time to focus on ME. I have many goals that I want to tackle and having that bucket list in front of me, always me inspires to go for it! Recently I have become the fittest and strongest both physically and mentally, that I have ever been, and the motivation and reassurance from my family and my friends keeps me going.  

I have discovered that in life, motivation can be rooted in positive self talk, inspirational mantras or just by surrounding yourself with positive people. Regardless of achievements in the past, we still second guess ourselves. But knowing that we have overcame obstacles in the past, gives us that the fuel to challenge the future.

For some of my patients, their fear, lies on facing their families with the thought of having the Lap-Band procedure, booking a consultation, or walking through the front door of the clinic. While not knowing your family and friends’ reaction and expectation will be, remember that you are the only one that can decide how you are going to live, right now. Every day is a new chance to choose. Make that choice and commit to yourself, you are in this for you.

I’m going to close off my blog today with something I heard recently from an individual who has become an inspiration to me “Don’t wait for it. Get out there and do it”.

Believe in yourself!

Yours in health,