Finding What Motivates You

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Getting Motivated is Big Start for Weight Loss

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Written by Liz Bruckner

(–For countless Canadians struggling with added pounds and lacklustre motivation, summer doesn’t rank high on their list of favourite seasons.

Take Natalie West: Having carried extra weight most of her life, the arrival of warm weather served as a cue for the Kitchener, Ont., resident to load on layers, cover up as much as possible and avoid bathing suits.
But this summer, having lost almost 80 pounds, West is happy to show off her form.

Hitting the big 3-0 in 2008 was what motivated her to alter her ways. “I suddenly realized that I only get one life, and one body through which to live it. That fact sort of smacked me upside the head,” she says.

A Real Story Of Weight Loss

And so began a winter of change, starting with an herbal cleanse, almost daily visits to the gym, and making conscious decisions at every meal to eat nutritiously. Two months into the process — and having dropped more than 20 pounds — Natalie was hooked.

“If you’d asked me how I viewed making the changes to my lifestyle in the beginning, I would have said it was a means to an end, and that I made the effort because I had to. But once I started seeing results and feeling better not only about the way I looked, but also about the way I felt physically — the chronic arthritis pain I’ve had since I was a teen is gone, and I’ve noticed improvements in my eyesight, as well — it completely changed my perception.”

Melanie Krochmalnek knows the feeling. Though the Toronto native initially began working out as a way to drop unwanted weight and tone up, she quickly found herself addicted.

“There’s nothing like the feeling you get after finishing a great workout. Boot camp is my current obsession, but I also dabble in Pilates, yoga, and spinning from time to time. For me, the physical benefits are great, but the way I feel mentally is the biggest bonus.”

This all makes perfect sense to Tosca Reno, fitness guru and bestselling author of The Eat-Clean Diet. Having gone through her own weight-loss battle — Reno was 40, overweight, and a mother to three young daughters before she began dedicating herself to changing her path — she’s always amazed at the different forms motivation comes in.

“The common thread when it comes to finding inspiration is the feeling that you’ve had enough. As soon as someone gets good and mad at themselves for letting their body and health go and decides to change things, they’ll be on their way. And whether that comes from stripping down in front of a mirror, or having enough of gasping for air after climbing a few stairs doesn’t matter, as long as the realization comes.”

Know What You Eat

Reno’s tips?When it comes to fuelling your body, be aware of everything you eat, and go as “clean” as you can, avoiding processed foods and “the worst ingredient out there”: sugar. Look at exercise as a date with yourself and not a chore. Book time in the morning and try working out with someone so you’re more likely to show up.

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control found that obese adults had a 40-percent higher chance of suffering from severe headaches or migraines when compared to people at a healthy weight. 

And don’t discount the effect extra weight can have on your mood.

Studies have shown that because overweight people are unhappier about their appearance, they’re 31 per cent more likely to have a less optimistic outlook on life than those at a healthy weight.