Government Credit may apply for your Bariatric surgery!

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Did you know that the Lap-Band® bariatric procedure may be tax deductible? Federal input tax credits are available for some medical procedures. You may be eligible to submit Lap-Band® or Gastric Sleeve procedures as a Medical Expense on your Income Tax return. Talk to your financial advisor or accountant or to learn more, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency.

Some insurance companies may also cover the cost of the Lap-Band® medical device or the surgical procedure. If you receive partial coverage through your work, you can potentially claim the remaining amount under your federal income taxes. For example, if your insurance company or work pays for the Lap-Band® medical device then you can potentially claim the remaining cost of the procedure under your taxes.

The SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre has the information to assist you in finding out if you have insurance coverage for a procedure. Call us at SmartShape™ to find out how we can help you get the appropriate information for you.

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