Government Support for Weight Loss Surgery

weight loss surgery financing

When it comes to financial support for your weight loss procedure with SmartShape, you may be eligible for government help. Take a look at these options and see if they apply to you.

Federal Medical Tax Credits

Federal tax credits are available for some medical procedures. You may be eligible to submit Gastric Sleeve or Lap-Band procedures as a Medical Expense on your Income Tax return. To learn more about what is available, please visit: Canada Revenue Agency or speak with your financial advisor and accountant.

Registered Health Spending Account (RHSA)

The RHSA is a government-approved program that permits small business owners, self-employed and incorporated individuals to use pre-tax dollars from their company to fund healthcare costs. This can provide a substantial reduction in the after-tax cost of the Lap-Band or Gastric Sleeve procedure. Please contact us and we can provide you with more information.

For more information or to speak with a client service representative for the RHSA program, please contact:

Please note, the SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre does not get directly involved in coordinating your RHSA account. The details provided above are for information purposes only.

If you would like help to learn more about how you could help finance your procedure, give our Program Advisors a call today at (888) 278-7952 or visit our website at