Have you had enough with Yo-Yo Dieting?

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Many of our patients have shared their yo- yo dieting experiences and are frustrated with the results. Have you tried dieting and conventional weight loss programs that just don’t work? Or it did for a while, but then you regained all the weight you worked hard to lose? It seems to be harder to lose the weight each time.

SmartShape can help! We offer programs that combine the use of a medical tool to help you be satisfied with a smaller portion size. The Lap-Band has been used internationally to help thousands of individuals achieve sustained weight loss. With the support of our excellent team, we guide you to achieve and sustain healthy weight loss. Our highly experienced team specializes in the treatment of obesity and will help ensure you enjoy your weight loss journey.

Our surgeons have established a worldwide reputation for setting high-quality standards and practices. We are a proud Canadian clinic who have been servicing thousands of Canadians since 2005

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