Healthsmart Financial Services

Top Choice 3rd Year

Are you thinking about having bariatric surgery but hesitant because you think the cost will be too much for you? You may qualify for financing with one of SmartShape’s approved financial partner companies.

Healthsmart Financial Services can provide you with an immediate no commitment, no obligation quote as to how much financing you would be approved for, from as little as $300 to as much as $25,000, depending on your credit. This may make the difference between your having surgery or not.

There is no cost to find out how much you qualify for, and when you inquire, either through a SmartShape Program Advisor or through the Healthsmart website, you will receive a response within a matter of seconds indicating the amount of funds Healthsmart can grant you.

Stop putting it off and get the information you need to make a decision today. Visit to see how you can make the change you need for a better and healthier life!