How Can I Safely Workout at Home?

woman doing yoga at home

If you’re like many of us, you may be struggling to find the motivation to workout at home. It’s harder to find the motivation to exercise when you’re feeling stressed about the news, you’re staying indoors more often, and your daily routine has changed.

Exercising regularly isn’t just about maintaining a healthy body – it can have a dramatic and positive effect on your mental health. During stressful times, it’s more important than ever to move your body and stay healthy (physically and emotionally!). Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can safely workout at home to give your mind and body a much-needed boost.

10 At-Home Workout Tips to Motivate You

  • Schedule your workouts: Think of your workout time as an appointment you can’t miss. Schedule your workout in your calendar and complete the task, even if you don’t feel like working out. Once it becomes part of your routine, it’ll be a lot easier to stick to your schedule.
  • Make reasonable, concrete goals: Abstract goals, such as “become fit,” are harder to stick to because they’re too broad. Set small, tangible goals that allow you to have a sense of accomplishment. For example, “walk for 30 minutes” and “do 20 minutes of yoga,” are achievable goals that will allow you to feel proud of yourself for completing something on your to-do list.
  • Share your goals: Talk to your family and friends about your goals. You’re more likely to stick to a workout plan when you know people around you will be asking how your workouts are going. You can even start a social media account to track your progress and inspire yourself to keep going.
  • Find a time that works for you: Working out in the morning sets a positive, energetic tone for the rest of your day. For others, exercising in the afternoon can help beat the mid-day slump. There is no right or wrong time to workout – find a time a works for you and stick with it.
  • Enjoy the outdoors: Your workouts don’t have to be inside. If the weather permits, go for walk around your neighbourhood or explore a new part of your city. Not only is exercising outdoors good for your body, but the fresh air and change of scenery can boost your mood.
  • Find something to listen to: Working out in silence is boring! Listen to a podcast, music, or stream a television show. You can even call a friend and put them on speakerphone so you can chat while you’re working out. Staying entertained will help your workout fly by.
  • Play with your kids: When we think of exercising, we usually think of gym routines. As many parents know, playing with your kids can also be a workout. Join their game of tag, ride bikes, or play soccer or basketball with them. You’ll get to move your body and create fun memories with your children.
  • Create a home workout zone: If you have space, create a small workout zone for your at-home workouts. Stock up your home gym with a yoga mat, hand weight, resistance bands, a medicine ball, and other pieces of equipment to inspire you to get moving.
  • Try something new: There are a multitude of workout videos available to stream or download via YouTube or free apps. Don’t be afraid to try new exercise videos and routines to mix up your workout. Maybe one day you’d like to try beginner yoga, and another day beginner kickboxing or Pilates. Experiment with different workout genres and see what you enjoy the most.
  • Make moving part of your routine: Sometimes it’s hard to designate 30 minutes or an hour of your day to working out. Look for small ways you can making moving more often part of your daily life. This may include: taking the stairs instead of the elevator; going for a quick walk during your lunch break; walking around while you’re taking a phone call; doing jumping jacks while waiting for your coffee to brew; and doing ab exercises during commercial breaks.

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