How to Maximize Your Weight Loss Results

Yoga for Weight Loss

We’ve said it before and we’ll surely say it again: losing weight is no easy feat.
Regardless if you’re just starting your weight loss journey, or you’re well on your way, it’s so important to stay motivated and on track. You should never give up on yourself or your weight loss results. This is the only body you have to live in, and the only life you have to live. So, let’s make the most of this weight loss journey and really boost those results! Here are a few things you can do to really up the ante and power through that stubborn excess weight!

Break Bad Habits for Good

Living a healthy lifestyle is just that, it’s a lifestyle. Especially when you’ve had one of the weight loss surgeries at the SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre. You’re going to be adapting to a new diet and overall way of life, so you really need to break those bad, unhealthy habits for good.
That means you can’t constantly overeat, order fast food, or indulge in big, lavish desserts after every meal. Once you’ve made the decision to change your life, you must stick to it. We know you can do it.

New Healthy Behaviours

Once those bad habits are gone for good, you can easily replace them with new, healthy ones. Try implementing some of these into every day to maximize your weight loss results:

⦁ Drink more water
⦁ Drink unsweetened green tea
⦁ Go on a 30-minute walk
⦁ Take the stairs
⦁ Stretch or practice yoga
⦁ Be honest and communicate with loved ones
⦁ Clean your home

Even something as simple as walking around the grocery store three times before grabbing a cart can become a new, healthy behaviour. You will have a chance to really think about those spur-of-the-moment food choices and determine exactly what you need from the store. Not to mention all those extra steps you’ll get in for the day!
What new healthy behaviours are you going to instill?

Research & Problem Solve

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Are you trying to eliminate certain foods from your diet? Or perhaps you’d like to tone a certain part of your body? Well, the best first step to take is conducting some research. Hit the books or surf the web for some new ideas on what you can do.
You can find a wide variety of healthy food alternatives for certain junk foods, workout plans and guides, and tons of other advice that might provide you with a different perspective. Remember, you should always run these things past your doctor and support team first to ensure your best health.

Communicate with Your Support Team

After having one of the weight loss procedures at the SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre, you should make it a high priority to maintain open and honest communication with your support team. Your support team is here to help ensure that you heal properly and adapt to your new lifestyle with ease.
They can help you overcome weight loss plateaus, provide you with advice, support you through the good times and the bad, and guide you throughout your long-term healthy lifestyle. To ensure that you truly maximize your weight loss results, maintain a true and honest relationship with your support team through ongoing communication.

Don’t Slow Down

We can’t emphasize this enough Do. Not. Slow. Down.

Just because you lose a few pounds, dropped a pant size, or can fit into your high school basketball uniform again, doesn’t mean that you should steer away from your healthy lifestyle. Not even for a second.

You’ve achieved some results, now is the time to build on them. When you start rewarding yourself with unhealthy choices, those rewards might backpedal your success. Instead, try rewarding yourself with positive things. Did you hit your monthly goal? Why not invest in a new pair of running shoes to reward yourself. Drop a pant size? Buy some new pants! There are many positive ways of rewarding yourself that don’t include thousands of unnecessary calories.

Looking for more weight loss tips and tricks? Visit the SmartShape™ blog! For additional information on the various weight loss solutions that we offer here at SmartShape™, such as the Gastric Sleeve surgery or the Mini Gastric Bypass, contact us today.