“I no longer feel hunger the way I did” – Danielle’s Story


I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I was always one of the bigger kids at school, and I remember being teased mercilessly because of my weight. Over the years I tried just about every diet that I could find – I joined Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Herbal Magic. I went on an all-shake diet that included a weekly session on changing my lifestyle, I even tried the Bernstein diet. Some of them were successful in the short term but generally speaking the weight would come back. 

The one time in my life that I remember having some decent success at losing weight was shortly after I met my now husband. I knew that I was going to marry him and I wanted to feel beautiful at my wedding. Unfortunately, my mother passed away suddenly and my whole entire world was turned upside down. My efforts to lose weight took a backseat to grief and most of the weight that I had been successful at loosing crept back on. I did get married, the grief changed into something more manageable and I started working on myself again, now because we wanted to have kids. We came back from our one year anniversary trip and I was pregnant! Never had I been so happy, of course that didn’t last though. I lost that pregnancy on the anniversary of my mother’s death. After the miscarriage, I kind of gave up, I would try every once in a while, but mainly I was just ‘phoning it in’. Two years later I became pregnant with my daughter and then three years after that I was pregnant again. I gained weight with each of these pregnancies and never managed to lose it afterwards. 

When my youngest was about 7 months old I took a really hard look at my life. While I was so completely happy with my husband and my kids, I was really unhappy with myself. I was at the heaviest weight that I had ever been – 367 pounds – and I could barely get up the energy to chase my kids around. I decided that something had to change. I looked into the options that were available to me in Alberta where I could get the surgery covered (a surgery that I have looked into many many times over the years). The downside was that there was a substantial wait time for the operation. I didn’t want to wait anymore. That is when I found SmartShape. I did some research, I read reviews, I spoke to previous patients and of course I spoke to my husband. Decision made. 

I chose the gastric sleeve because I didn’t want to interrupt the way that my body digested food. I wanted assistance with portion control. I consider myself to be an intelligent person, all along, I have known what I should be doing to make lasting changes. The problem was that I was an emotional eater, I would binge. The sleeve gave me back control over my eating. I no longer feel hunger the way I did before and because of that my cravings are few and far between. Since I am not craving very much, I am able to make better choices with the foods that I do eat. 

The surgeon who treated me was wonderful: he was friendly, he answered all my questions and he somehow made me feel more confident in my ability to be successful after the surgery. I have spoken to the nurses a couple of times since the surgery, and I have done a few online classes. Although I know the Team at SmartShape are there to support me, I feel I have been able to use my sleeve the way I should and have not had to call very often. Knowing they are there is very reassuring.

I know that I am not yet at my goal, I am currently sitting at 256 pounds. But even though my goal isn’t met (to be fair I haven’t set my end goal), I have my life back. I am a better parent, a better spouse, a better nurse. I am nice to myself when I see my reflection, I don’t pick myself apart anymore. I am kinder to me. All in all, it is easily the best investment that I have made.


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