I See Myself Transforming Each Month

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

My mind was set for the longest time that I am a big girl, but I’m healthy. I wore clothes for my size and looked good… or so I thought. After a visit to my doctor’s office in spring of 2011, I weighed almost 300 lbs, my doctor warned me about preventing diabetes, heart issues and many other ailments that my body was being subjected to. Enough was enough! I wanted to run again, swim again, go in to a store and try on an outfit without feeling embarrassed. The clothes I tried on were strictly 1X and 2X. I felt embarrassed about the way I looked, but I had a happy go lucky attitude, hoped the more I laughed, the more I could “hide” behind the smiles. I went online and searched for a “final solution” at SmartShape Weight loss Centre outside of the fad diets I had tried and failed. I made an appointment with my family doctor and he gave me his blessing. Soon I met with a surgeon at SmartShape and after my consultation that was it… I never looked back.

Since being banded, my confidence has come back. I lost 40lbs in my first year and had the support from the wonderful nurses at the clinic. Once I saw the weight coming off, I joined a Boot Camp (circuit exercise), working out 5-6 days a week. I also became aware of how I chewed, my food. What a difference that did it make!

To date I have lost a total of 110 lbs I have more energy, look and feel better than I did 20 years ago. No more excuses of being “big boned.” I hope that my on-going success in weight loss can motivate others and to encourage them to start their own amazing journey. The coaching and support I received from SmartShape helped me lose the weight and keep it off. I am free of diabetes, no heart conditions and the pain I had on my left knee… gone! I never get tired of people asking “what’s your secret?” and hearing “wow, Carrol now you are smaller than me.” SmartShape has the most incredible people that encouraged me along the way and are still doing so. I see myself transforming each month, getting stronger, fitter, younger (from outside in) and my overall self-esteem is out the roof. I feel on top of the world! My BMI was 48.9 now it’s 28.0. My life has changed in an abundance. I am  dating a wonderful man and I am social more than ever. None of the major changes in my life could have happened had it not been for my surgeon at SmartShape helping me out when I saw no way forward. He gave me a helping hand I needed and I promised myself and him that I would not let “us” down.

Thank you a million times to SmartShape for changing my life and believing in me. The cost I invested in the Lap-Band Program was to extend my life and avoid unnecessary health issues.