Inspirational Patient Milestones from SmartShape

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre
  1. “I’m riding a bike for the first time in decades. So far this is one of the smartest thing I’ve ever done.” –Rich
  2. “My only regret is that I never did the Lap-Band procedure sooner because life is wonderful, amazing and I have never been so happy & healthy.” – Cathy
  3. “From my first meeting with my surgeon, my experience has been nothing but positive. Each day I feel better and have more energy. My relationship with food has completely changed.” – Deb
  4. “In less than two years, I went from someone who would take an elevator up one flight of stairs to someone who fulfilled a lifelong dream and climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.” – Andy
  5. “I couldn’t have done this without your help” – Randy
  6. “This experience has changed my life in so many amazing ways and I just want to say thanks to everyone there for helping me out!” – Alicia
  7. “I cannot describe the euphoric feeling of being healthy and slimmer. You have helped me realize my dream of living a normal healthy lifestyle that is not a diet!” – Charlene
  8. “I can walk up stairs and not get winded, and the best, my clothes are falling off of me, what a nice feeling!! “ – Chantal
  9. “My whole family is proud of me and cheering me on.  But more so… I’m proud of me!” – Heather
  10.  “I am happy, looking pretty and in top shape having celebrated 50 this year in June. I ran a half marathon in Ottawa and completed a triathlon in September” – Toni