Introduction of The Mini Gastric Bypass gives Canadians Even More Choice!


SmartShape Weight Loss Centre recently increased the options for patients to choose from when having weight loss surgery, with the introduction of the Mini Gastric Bypass (MBG) procedure.

The MGB procedure was developed in 1997 with the goal of duplicating the excellent weight loss results of a traditional gastric bypass surgery while simplifying the procedure, shortening operating times and reducing complications. As tracking research data has accumulated, the MGB procedure has gained popularity as the modern alternative to traditional gastric bypass surgery  –– excellent results, a simpler, more streamlined procedure and reduced overall complication rates.

The Mini Gastric Bypass works two ways to help you lose weight. First, it reduces the size of your stomach, restricting the amount you can eat. Next it reduces the absorption of what food you do eat, by bypassing a portion of your intestines. This dual stage approach has been shown to be highly effective when combined with changes to eating and lifestyle habits. You feel fuller, faster and absorption of food is reduced.

A Mini Gastric Bypass procedure may be the right solution for you if you:

  • Have a BMI of 40 and above or have a BMI between 35 and 40 with obesity-related medical problems;
  • Are prepared to make changes in your eating habits and lifestyle;
  • Prefer a procedure that requires minimal ongoing intervention or adjustments;
  • Do not drink alcohol in excess and do not have an illegal drug dependence.

The SmartShape Weight Loss Centre is the only bariatric clinic in Canada with the ability to offer patients any one of the 4 procedures – the Lap-Band®, the Gastric Sleeve, and now the Mini Gastric Bypass.

Give yourself the best chance to succeed! To learn more about the Mini Gastric Bypass visit our website at or call us today – (888) 278-7952.