Is Travelling Abroad For Weight Loss Surgery Really Worth the Risk to Your Health?

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There are many alluring aspects to heading south, but surgery is not one of them. We can’t stress enough how a surgery itself is insufficient at improving one’s health and wellness. A comprehensive follow-up care program is key. Setting aside the issue that out-of-country surgeries are not subject to the same vigilant approval systems, inspection criteria, or even surgical techniques, the fact that there is no follow-up care whatsoever is one of the most significant differentiating principles between SmartShape and the others.

We can’t tell you how many times we have picked up a tearful voicemail, read a heart-wrenching email, or spoken to an anxious individual who is imploring SmartShape to take them on as a patient because they had a procedure elsewhere and are now trying to cope with the post-operative management of their surgery with no one to help them along the way.

In a recent notice from The Public Health Agency of Canada, approximately 30 Canadians are potentially at risk for a deadly infection who have undergone weight loss or bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. “Medical tourism presents a challenge to health authorities because Canadians are under no obligation to report when they’ve had treatments abroad” says Canada’s Deputy Chief Public Health Office, Dr. Howard Njoo. The agency is recommending Canadians who have travelled abroad to seek immediate medical attention. Njoo also warns of the possible risk of blood-borne infections such as HIV, Hep B and C, due to poor sterilization of medical tools and equipment. To read more about this concerning development, click here for the full article.

Follow-up care does not just refer to those first few days or weeks after surgery; rather, the months and years thereafter.  Follow-up care is there when you get a new job that involves travel so you can’t prepare your food at home, or you are an empty-nester for the first time in decades and need to learn to cook for 2 rather than 4, or you lose a loved one or go through a divorce where we help you brainstorm nutritious intakes to have when truly hungry as opposed to emotional eating. When life becomes challenging in a new or different way; when it forces you to face the most arduous hurdles, you need the guidance of experts and a comprehensive follow-up care program, to help optimize your lifestyle.

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